Samsung Hybrid Headphone - In Ear-Black

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The hybrid designed earphones combine all the best created for normal headphones and headsets - a combination of convenience channel inserts, providing excellent sound insulation, with the comfort of conventional overhead headphones.

Audio Quality

These supreme toned earphones offer loud and clear sound so that you do not have to compromise on the sound quality of your favourite music. With a frequency range from 20 Hz to 20000 Hz on top of which it is a pair of enhanced bass earphones that will provide you with a sound experience like no other.

Bass and Amplifier

The 1.2 cm dynamic driver offers deeper bass and better balance while using the Samsung EO-EG920B in-ear wired earphones with mic. The bass is comparable to high-end earphones and comes at a very cost effective price.


The Samsung in-ear wired earphones boast of a microphone casing made from ground-breaking wind-sound reducing material which allows you to have better call quality than ever before.


This Samsung EO-EG920B in-ear wired earphone with mic has a long cord so you do not have to worry to carry your iPod or phone in your hand or sit too close to your laptop to enjoy the music. The cord is 120 cm long keeping in mind your needs and comfort.

Comfort of Use

These comfortable headphones provide outstanding wearing comfort and a better fit due to its ergonomically designed ear tip ear buds and wing tips. This hybrid design provides you with the best of both worlds – combining all the noise-minimising advantages of canal-type ear buds with the wearing comfort of open-type earphones. The light-weight earphones only weigh 50 grams, meaning you can go for long hours without feeling the need to take them off.

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