rock fence pro series back cover for iphone x

ROCK Fence Hybrid Shockproof Military Grade Air Cushion Slim Cover Case iPhone X

Air Cushion Technology: The corners and edges of this Fence Pro Series TPU Case are supported by air cushion technology which absorbs and disperses the force while falling on the ground shockproof & dop protection 

Portable: This Fence Series TPU / PC Case comes with a trap hole at its side, allows you take your phone with a strap easily 

Military Grade: 122cm drop height, 26 times drop test 

Exquisite & Stylish:Lining of matte design protects against watermarks ,special process makes this Fence Series TPU Case have an exquisite and stylish look 

Snugly Fits: This Fence Series TPU / PC Case can snugly fits your phone , makes sure the buttons can be pressed easily and anti-dust 



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