True 360° Surround Sound

With speakers symmetrically lined-up on both sides, the Divoom ATOM produces an unparalleled fine audio to the omni direction. Everyone can enjoy the powerful sound from every direction.

 4 Drivers Design

The powerful full ranges with passive radiators, and two high performance tweeters: the symmetrically lined-up speakers delivers 30 watts of fine-tuned audio power.



 Stereo Connect

Double the incredible audio experience by pairing 2,Divoom Atom together; or you can also place the speakers in two different places


 Long-lasting battery

Powered by a 5000mAh Li-on battery, you can enjoy 6 hours of non-stop music from dusk til dawn.




  • ♦ Atom – Inspired by light and sound

  • ♦ 360 degrees cuts the sound from the speakers

  • ♦ Double up: connect 2 Divoom Atom speakers at the same time for an incredible experience

  • ♦ Futuristic Design with a back lit panel and touch control

  • ♦ LED light, absolutely amazing especially in the dark

  • ♦ DSP Tuned: Digital signal processing for enhanced, accurate and sharper digital sound

  • ♦ Bluetooth enabled

  • ♦ Also to be used via 3.5 mm audio jack jack

  • ♦ Wireless range up to 10 meters


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