Our screen protector is one of the highest quality and the top types of screen protectors in the world ,We offer the Japanese materials screen protector, it 's long lasting comparing with other types. It is easy to insall and can be applied within seconds 

Japanese Material

Surface is processed by macromolecular fingerprint-proof technology so as to be strong anti –fingerprint easy to clean and prevent getting dirt


Smooth touching

Eliminating the rough touch sense of ordinary screen protector makes it more easy and smooth to touch the screen. Using advanced optical materials enables the speed of touching reaction to be more outstanding

Ultra clear

Optical transmittance reaches to 98 %. It is anti – glare but high transparent because of extremely low reflection

Anti – shatter

The material of glass is toughened through high temperature, so that if can avoid smashing out and use safely even though the glass is broken


Compatible With

 Huawei Mate 10 Lite (Nova 2i )(Honor 9i)







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