MOMAX Selfie Hero Touchless Gesture Shooting Bluetooth Selfie Stick Extendable



 with Momax Stand 


Selfie Hero is your magic wand, helping you to take photos with miraculous and fascinating effect. 3 color options and 4 length options of Selfie Hero can be chosen. It can be extended to 100cm for the longest!
“MOMAX cam”, which allows you to take selfie by gesture, is now available in App Store & Google Play! To make fun in selfie!
With MOMAX Bluetooth Shutter, you can use MOMAX cam from a distance of 10 meters to execute shooting and music control.
Let’s selfie in any memorable occasions! 



1. Selfie Hero pod
2. Bluetooth wireless shutter
3. Shutter clip
4. Phone mount
5. Carrying bag
6. Hand strap
7. Instruction manual








original packing 


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