Swipe and touch to control, without lifting the cover



A new
translucent cover
See through the translucent cover to check your 
notifications with ease.



A cover with 
handy controls
With the cover on, you can still answer and reject calls, check messages, battery life, missed calls, play music and pretty much do everything that you need to do.



Viewing comfort wherever you want
Enjoy the best view with the kick stand.


A smart cover 
that recommends the best colour theme
Activated by the NFC tag, it recommends themes 
that go nicely with the colour of your cover.

A clear view
This translucent matte cover also acts as a stand, providing the optimal viewing angle for landscape content.
A clear view
Mix and match
Customising your phone doesn't have to stop at the case. Included with the Clear View case are themes that personalise your phone down to the icons.
Mix and match











 compatible with

samsung galaxy s8 plus



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