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Time to step up

OLED displayTouch buttonAll-new designImproved pedometer algorithm


smart watch from Xiaomi with touch button


smart watch mi band 2


More stats than steps

Mi Band 2 uses an OLED display so you can see more at a glance.
Simply lift your wrist* to view time and tap the button for steps and 
heart rate.


  • Time
  • Steps
  • Heart rate

*Feature must be turned on in settings


smart watch Xiaomi Mi Band 2 test steps


Calculates the spring
in your step

The improved pedometer algorithm in Mi Band 2 filters 
out unnecessary movements. This measures steps taken 
and exercise more accurately.



Count every heartbeat

With a built-in motion sensor, Mi Band 2 knows exactly when you begin your workout.
You don't have to switch modes or tell it before you start. Measure your heart rate to adjust
the length and intensity of workouts. Keep calm and work toward your fitness goals!




Sitting still for too long?

Idle alerts send a gentle buzz when you 
have been sitting still for too long. These 
reminders tell you when it's time for a short
walk or water break.



Unlocks in an instant

Mi Band 2 carries your unique identity. When 
you are close to your Android smartphone, it 
unlocks instantly - no passcodes or fingerprint


smart watch from  Xiaomi Mi Band 2


smart watch Xiaomi Mi Band 2 is  waterproof


  • Heat tested

    Subject to 70°C conditions
    for 128 hours

  • Cold tested

    Tested for 128 hours
    under -20°C

  • Drop tested

    Drop tested 12 times from 
    a 1.2m height on a marble

  • Corrosion tested

    Smeared with petroleum
    jelly and left for 24 hours


xiaomi-mi-band-2 in live stores


In-depth with the Mi Fit app

View daily, weekly, and monthly history for steps, sleep and heart rate via the Mi Fit app. 
It is the one place to get instant statistics, and allows you to manage alarms, notification alerts


elegant smart watch xiaomi-mi-band-2

original packing

original packing xiaomi-mi-band-2 in live stores

original packing xiaomi-mi-band-2


containt of


original packing xiaomi-mi-band-2 containt of



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