High Quality Material - Made of aluminum and TPU anti slip strip, composed of 90% recyclable materials, a single piece metal frame through carved process and hand-polished, anti-scratches and anti-slip TPU pads for comfortable touch, it makes the cooling bracket sturdy and durable, compact and firm

Ergonomic Design - Comfortable folding angle between Laptop screen and keyboard & trackpad, raises notebook screen height to eye level, elevates the screen to a more comfortable and neck-friendly viewing height, helps reduce neck strain and eye strain, provide your comfortable typewriting feeling and efficient work

Cooling Design -2 holes to organize your cables, no more messy desktop The open wedge design can increase cooling and improve airflow around the laptop while.Cable Management - Cable keeps connections handy and accessible during use, and in place when you are mobile, cable organizer makes wires neatly behind the laptop

 Ergonomic design elevates the screen to a neck-friendly viewing height, relieving and preventing neck strain and pain (2 methods available)




Unique hollow design naturally dissipates heat to the air without the use of battery power or electricity

 Silicone pads at the edge of the holder provide a stable foundation for your laptop, protecting it from falling damage and scratches

 Folding and compact, convenient to 

Compatible with all Laptops, Tablet, Notebook PC and Apple Macbooks, MacBook Pro, Macbook Air and Apple iPad Pro, iPad Air, iPad Air 2, and it also can be used as bookshelf when you reading books




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