Advanced Technology & High-quality Sound: Bluetooth 4.0 for steady Bluetooth signal to support connecting devices over 33 feet away; Rich and textured Sound as well as powerful Bass reproduced by 40mm dynamic driver

Long Battery Life & Dual Mode: Up to 8-12 hours of music time, with a cable it can be a wired headphone without battery consumption 

Fast Charging Time
It wouldn’t do if the battery life was no good; the NIA-X3 stereo headset comes with high quality battery that charges quickly, we are talking an hour and 30 minutes. After it is fully charged, you can enjoy listening to music for 20 hours continuously without a break.

Function 4-in-1: Bluetooth stereo,TF card play,FM Stereo Radio and Audio input 4-in-1 headphones will be your best companion for music, movie and games


Portability and flexibility ensured by foldable compact design, 90-degree ear cups, softly padded headband and protein earmuff for long-term wearing comfort. (The package excludes Interchangeable cables)

 Designed for Maximum Comfort
NIA-X3 wireless headphone is elegantly designed for optimum comfort. The foldable headband of the headset fits comfortably on the head. You can enjoy listening to high quality sound for long hours at a time without feeling any discomfort.

 Micro SD/TF Card Player
The highlight of NIA-X3 stereo headset is that it supports micro SD/TF card. As a result, you can listen to songs anywhere, anytime without having to connect to a Bluetooth device. You can find the micro SD/TF slot at the side of the TF card player headphone. Just insert your card containing your favorite tracks in the slot, and enjoy the high quality sound that resonates from the headset.

FM Radio Function
NIA-X3 does not just allow you to listen to songs from your micro SD card, you can also tune into your local FM radio station using the headset. The trendy and stylish headset has your favorite channels so that you can tune in any time you like.

Instant Music Sharing
And that’s not all. NIA-X3 has the super cool BH-720 Aux port allowing you to connect another headphone to the port and share music from your Bluetooth device. This is an amazing feature that will have you sharing your favorite tracks from any Bluetooth device.




packing includes


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