Vorson Ultra-thin 360 Full Protection Cover For iPhone 7 Plus, Ultra-thin Hard Hybrid PC 360 Full Body Coverage Protective Cover & Skin with Slim Tempered Glass Screen Protector for iPhone 7 Plus.

Ultra-thin design, 360 degree protection modeling simple.

personality patterns of custom design, combined with super power flow iPhone 7, plus extraordinary temperament.

Using the super toughness Bayer material injection molding, scratch resistant, top quality.

Using the ultrasonic physical cutting technology, different from the traditional cutting,quality assurance.

Global brands, rigorous style of Japanese industrial design.

 If you do not want a drop and break your Luxury iPhone, this Ultra Thin and Unique cover is your best choice. 


This cover is special that it’s made up of two parts, armour and PC front part and the PC back part. Any of them is ultra thin, With Tempered Glass Screen Protector.

The cover can protect all parts of your phone absolutely, especially the webcam in phone, your phone will not be scratched, soiled or broken by accident.


The front cover can touch , so you don’t need to move it when use your phone. The ultra thin cover can fit the phone perfectly and keep high touch sensitivity. The extreme smooth of feeling will make you can’t put it down. The plastic PC will not block the signal. Always keep the Signal full grid. Elegant & generous & modern designs. High-quality PC touches as metal.




 Install the back cover, use the power left to right to inset the mobile phone.

Install the front cover, use the power form up to down to inset the mobile.

Clear your mobile phone screen with the cloth.

Install the temper glass screen and align at mobile phone front carefully.

Use a little power to press the screen, then it will be perfectly attached.


compatible with

iphone 7 plus

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