Strong backborad: Selected imported PC original raw material is safe and non-toxic. Meets international environmental standards. The backboard is wear-resisting,crashproof and shockproof.

Transparent texture: Bright translucent appearance and 90% transparency show the phones original feature, Lightweight and easy to wash,clean and transparent, durable.

Tough body, better protection: Using environmental and non-toxic TPU. Material certified by SGS. Processed by international new integrated injection molding technology.

Cover the back and edges of the case, concavo-convex lines avoid fiction between the case and surface. It's
Sci-fi design, innovative style: Unique, cool and fashion symmetrical shape reminds you the battle suit of the Star Warrior.

Create a scientific and technological geek image.Combination of hard PC and soft TPU protect phone toughly. Anti-fingerprint and anti-scratch. Easy to install and unload.

There are accurate holes for speaker,charging interface,signal position. Smooth function experience and unimpeded signal.

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