Nillkin Car Holder case for Apple iPhone 6 / 6S

New Golden border: Inheriting classic Gothic design with gold border; Quality space aluminum with accurately CNC cutting technology 


 Perfectly fit iPhone; Like the armor specially designed for General, presenting a cold and strong business style; 


Combining accurately machined PC back panel to provide 360°protection for the phone; Like a brave General on the battle of excellent protection performance.

Exquisite metal border, same sand blast technology with i6; Good touching sense; Anode oxide painting art; Gold shining.



Use oil injection for back cover, fingerprints and scratch disappear easily.Micro fiber surface for inner side of the border and back panel


 protecting phone from scratching.Double protection; Wearable and drop protectionprotecting phone from scratching.Double protection; Wearable and drop protection.; Magnetic bottom use the silicone design to improve the friction viscosity; Seamless for your phone, car holder and car.





How to use it


Compatibe With

Iphone 6/6s


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