NILLKIN Sparkle Leather Case Sview Cover For Sony Xperia C3

 slip‎,‎ delicate texture‎,‎ outstanding visual‎.‎

 Structural design window sensitive PET material can be used without having to flip to answer the phone‎,‎ check the time‎,‎ camera and other functions which are convenient and practical‎.‎

 Super fiber lining‎,‎ soft and air permeable‎,‎ protect the screen protector‎.‎

 Bottom uses imported environmental PC material‎,‎ salient point design‎,‎ and jewelry color painting‎,‎ extraordinary touch and shockproof‎.‎ 

The joint of flip cover and bottom shield are manmade‎,‎ smooth beautiful and durable‎.‎ Advanced Technology‎,‎ details decide the quality‎.‎

Compitable With

Sony Xperia C3 D2533

Sony Xperia C3 D2502

Available Colours


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