Honor Bluetooth Speaker AM08


Stance Graceful as Swan

With a swan-like profile and piano bakes lacquer coating, the AM08 is so charming and elegant. It nicely blends into any décor in your home or office.

 Aesthetic and Ergonomic Design: Elegant and graceful look with wonderful breath lamps, touch sensitive buttons, auto search for pairing devices after power on



Claret Notify Light

Your warm-hearted companion

Polished with vogue notify light design, the AM08 will emit undulating sound in correspondence with the music rhythm when the latter flows as water current. Moreover, in an effort to extend the listener improved experience, the light has gone through exclusive fine-tuning to alleviate irritation incurred in dimmer environment.



360-Degree HD Surround Sound Effect

Wherever you are, the litter swan speaker will endow every audience a melodious music feast of hearing, vision and soul. In addition, the magnetic circuit, made of Al-Fe-B materials, contributed to the superior voice ambience and naturalness.




Crystal Clear Sound Quality: Comes with latest Bluetooth 4.0 CSR chipset, wirelessly deliver premium stereo audio performance for crystal clear hands-free music playback, phone calls, movie watching etc.



Ease of Use: Support voice prompts and can pair up to 2 devices simultaneously with 10m transmission distance.




Less Charging & More Doing: Built-in rechargeable lithium battery that can be fully charged within 3 hours to support 5hrs music & talk time



Hands-free Voice Communication

Liberate your hands from tedious operation

With built-in microphone and smart-denoising technology, you will be able to enjoy crystal-clear vivid sound wherever you are, in the conference room, card, kitchen or bathroom, thus releasing your hands for hand-free crisp conversation.









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