About Us

"LIVESTORES Team welcomes you."


* We chose to work in the field of mobile phones because our faith in the importance of communication technology in all Fields of our daily lives.


* We started working in 1999, we have continued to develop and grow up our company.


* We started to import our products since 2005 in order to guarantee quality, provide our customers with the best brands, and also to ensure our destinction in mobile phones and accessories market.


* Through our company you will enjoy a high quality of service which is safe and special …. Speed in getting what you want.. and the best after-sales services.


* We provide you with the latest Smartphones... We also provide you with all your needs, chargers, batteries, Bluetooth Headset, Headphones.

* Our Product are original 100% and from global brand.


Company Departments:


1. Customer Service:  work on solving your problems and answer all your questions.


2. Maintenance:

- Software: (to update your phone system, fix your phone, adding the latest software that makes your phone first assistant in all your needs).


- Hardware (for the maintenance of your phone we provide with 100% original spare parts, and also we give three months of guarantee for both kind of maintenance to make sure you enjoy a special service).


3. Website (Since our target is to reach to massive number of customers in Egypt we released our website in order to deliver our products and online services to all our customers in all Egypt, you can enjoy online shopping and getting your order in just 48 hours delivery time )


Thank you for visiting our website and waiting for your visit at our branches.....

1- Cairo Head Office :54 Mostafa Elnahas St. nasr City .. Tel 022670 95 95

2- Port Said live Stores : MALL Tarh Elbahr .Tarh Elbahr street 01147000088

01220078700 - 0663220600

You can also follow the latest news and our offers on:

Facebook fan page: live stores

Twitter: live_stores1

Instagram: live stores




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